News PKV premium refund 2017: Hundreds of Euros for the health-conscious

News PKV premium refund 2017: Hundreds of Euros for the health-conscious News always well informed

Thursday, 14.09.17 , written by Annabell Meyer In private health insurance (PKV) many people are currently looking forward to their repayments. More than 600 million euros will be repaid to private patients in 2017 as a premium refund. This benefits insured persons who have not claimed benefits

  Versicherte bekommen hunderte Euro PKV Beitragsrückerstattungen 2017

Hundreds of thousands of privately insured people are looking forward to repayments

  • Many private insured may look forward this year to PKV premium refunds of several hundred euros.
  • Insurers reward health-conscious customers who have not claimed benefits for a year.
  • However, the concept is not worthwhile for every insured person, which is why a personal offer is recommended for choosing the appropriate private health insurance plan.

Debeka, Deutscher Ring, Gothaer and several other providers have already announced their PKV premium refund for 2017, now Barmenia is catching up. The private health insurer pays almost 58 million euros to its customers. Around 84,000 health-conscious private patients receive back almost € 700 . Together with the repayments of the other providers, the premium refunds in 2017 so far amount to more than 630 million euros.

PKV premium refund: Which conditions have to be met?

In order to benefit from premium refunds in private health insurance, insured persons must remain free of benefits within a calendar year. This means that they do not submit a medical bill to the insurer or that it does not settle any benefits.

Most providers grant a performance-based premium refund. In other words, this is only possible if the company has successfully managed enough to pay off its customers in the year in question. Some insurers offer a guaranteed reimbursement, so that private insured get back money in any case.

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PKV premium refund: How much will insured get back in 2017?

Health-conscious private patients who have been without benefit for at least one year will receive in 2017, depending on the insurer, a PKV premium refund of more than 800 euros. How high the refund will be depends, among other things, on the agreed tariff . For example, customers receive up to three monthly contributions from the largest private health insurer Debeka, and sometimes even more monthly contributions from other companies.

Overview of current repayments:

providers total beneficiaries Refund per person (Ø)
alliance 118 million euros no information no information
Barmenia 57.9 million euros 84,000 689 euros
Continentale 73 million euros 87,500 834 euros
Debeka 360 million euros 420000 857 euros
German ring 32 million euros 37,000 865 euros
DKV 148 million euros no information no information
Gothaer 26 million euros 57,000 456 euros
Halle 65 million euros 100000 650 euros
uniVersa 23 million euros no information no information

Private patients usually receive their premium refund directly paid to the account . However, some companies offer other options for using the money. For example, Barmenia customers can “convert their premium refund in the form of a one-off payment into a reduction from 67 years onwards,” the insurer says.

How useful are premium refunds for insured persons?

Although many private individuals benefit from PKV premium refunds. But these are not worthwhile for every customer. For example, if patients pay their own medical expenses to be reimbursed later by the insurer, it is advisable to calculate as accurately as possible whether the reimbursement can cover their expenses .

With regard to tax regulations, private patients should also consider carefully whether they want to benefit from the PKV premium refunds. Because this reduces the sum of the total paid insurance premiums that can be claimed for tax purposes. For those who are unsure as to whether they should also consider possible premium repayments when choosing their private health insurance plan, personal advice is recommended.

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